We have known Ana and Julio since 2017. Since we bought our villa on Krk in order to rent it, they have helped us by handling bookings, receiving and accommodating the guests of our villa, as well as taking care of them. The two create a warm and familial atmosphere so that our guests feel comfortable, which is the case, according to their good reviews. Without the support of Ana and Julio, the smooth process of renting the villa would be unimaginable to us.

They also helped us to find and buy a beautiful building plot on Krk. Julio has taken over the management of construction work on our private villa, which is a certain relief for us because of the great distance. The commitment with which he devotes himself to the task leaves us in no doubt that we can completely rely on him.

We would therefore like to thank Ana and Julio for their services and hope that we will continue our successful cooperation in many years to come.

Daniela Blüml
We always felt that we were well advised, even when an unusual question arose. We were amazed with the punctuality at every meeting. Julio was always quick and accessible and everything from the visit of the real estate to the notary appointment went perfectly. He gave us the best advice and always guided us professionally through all the formalities. We had a very committed, friendly and expert broker on Krk and can recommend him without hesitation.


Michael and Biljana Martin

Luckily we had Julio!

When my wife and I wanted to fulfil our dream of buying a house in Croatia, we quickly found what we were looking for and fell in love with a house on this beautiful island.

But there is always a bureaucratic part to buying a house, which of course is different in every country. This is where the first uncertainties occured, because we were not familiar with the process. Fortunately, Julio took us by the hand and guided us very skilfully through all the difficulties. This included getting us a tax number and also accompanying us through the rest of the official procedures. With him by our side, everything is really a piece of cake, not least because all the people on the island know Julio.

He still comes by for a coffee now and then to support us. A very nice guy who perfectly reflects the stress-free life on this beautiful island!

Maria and Thomas Riedel

I’ve been dreaming of buying an apartment in Croatia for a long time but hesitated because I was concerned about the bureaucracy. When I got to know energetic Julio and his extremely enthusiastic colleague Marija, things went surprisingly quickly and easily. Both took plenty of time to look at numerous properties on the island with us. After I decided to buy a property, they prepared everything (incl. contract, translation, tax number, registration of electricity/water, ...) so that I was able to sign the purchase contract the next time I was in Croatia. The two were always available by phone or e-mail for questions in the meantime and helped quickly and competently.

I felt I always had their support, and I am already looking forward to further cooperation concerning a possible rental of the property.

Thank you very much, Julio and Marija! I could not have wished for better and nicer real estate agents!


We have known Ana and Julio and have been working with them for many years. They greatly supported us in the purchase of two villas on the island of Krk and we were so satisfied that in cooperation with them and their partners we bought another plot of land where we are building three houses.

They advised us well, solved all bureaucratic problems when buying real estate and prepared our villa for rent, and they continue to help us with reservations and maintenance and always make sure that the guests’ stay in the villa is pleasant. They are always available and ready to help, and it is precisely because of such support that we successfully rent our villas without any trouble.

Both are extremely reliable people whom we would gladly recommend. Julio also helps us in supervising the construction works on our plot, which is very important for us, because even though we are not able to be on the construction site, we know that we have a person we can trust.

Antun Spajić i Saša Jakić

It was definitely no coincidence to be so lucky.

We contacted Julio during our holiday in 2021.

Luckily for us, he was both likeable and serious.

His best first suggestion was to pack us in the car and take us across the island to the properties that came close to our ideas.

And we found what we were looking for.

Beautiful house under construction.

All further details were discussed with Julio and the seller and we can take this opportunity to thank them for the serious business.

A great time, a togetherness from all sides.

Julio has always assisted us with all the necessary bureaucratic processes and continues to do so.

What we cannot do because of the distance is reliably done for us by Julio and his team.

He recommended the best craftsmen for furnishing the house.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to each of them.

With the completion of the house we got to know Julio's team.

Ana and Marija make sure that the house is fully equipped for guests and subsequent rental.

With all the bureaucracy and business involved in building a house, Julio has managed to make you feel like you always have a friend by your side.

Seriousness, expertise and humanity in one person.

We are pleased that Julio also takes over the housekeeping, rental and reception of our guests.

We know that the guests will be happy to come back ;-)

Monika and Werner